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Thanks for wanting to contact me. I want to help everyone get the answers you need, but please help me too by asking them in this forum. Public questions really help this training platform grow, helps you get the answers you need and it helps those who are a little too shy to ask too.

Please ask your questions in this forum here: Ask A Question Make sure you are Logged In
I’ll make sure to get them answered the best I can. And it helps everyone else and the training platform.

If you want to send me a private message email [email protected]
But please note. If it’s a technical questions about something, I’ll simply ask you to post in the forum instead, so please use this forum for you tech questions.

Some Other Answers To FAQs:

I no longer work 1 on 1 I’m afraid. I’ll add the video to the bottom of this post with the why.

I recommend Zoho experts here:

Companies wanting me to do videos about their platforms.
Please note. I have over a 100 full intro videos to do on my to do list at any one time and I have never charged for a video. I also only do introductions to platforms, I don’t review them. Your welcome to email the email above and ask me to add you to the list.

Why I no longer work 1 on 1