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Pehade bvba - powered by Salesbridge

Since 2017, Pehade goes to the market under the brandname “Salesbridge”.

Our consultants offer more than 20 years combined experience of Software Development & Business Analysis as well as Sales Management & Marketing Automation. This means we do not only help you to get the best possible technical setup of your Zoho CRM project, we also advise you how to use it in the best possible way to get a maximum Return On Investment.

Over the years we have advised teams and companies from -5 to 50+ users.

Feel free to contact us and let us help you setup your own Zoho CRM project: we will help you build it, automate it, create custom functions for it and train you how to use it. We can also help you to integrate it with your existing software platform or add extra functionality with custom applications build in Zoho Creator.

Feel free to contact us with all your questions.




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11 Mar

Zoho Product One

For the set-up of our new CRM system ZOHO One we have used the services of Salesbridge. We are very happy with the collaboration with this ZOHO partner. We wanted to move quite fast and within two months with their help we able to transfer from our old system to the new CRM system. They were involved in the whole process from the initial thinking of what to system should look like, to the data migration and online trainings of our team. Even now after the set up they are still very much involved in solving small issues with the system where needed. I would recommend people who are looking to work with ZOHO to work with a partner such as Salesbridge because without them we would never have been able to move so fast and have such great results.


7 Mar

Zoho Product One

We just launched ZOHO One at our company with a big focus on the CRM software in the beginning. In the future we will start using more apps of ZOHO One such as marketing automations and HR tools. So far we are very happy with the tool and with all of the options. It’s a very clear and straightforward CRM to use with lots of options to customize. We also receive help from Salesbridge in the set-up which is perfect for a company like us starting to work with a new CRM. Price/quality of ZOHO is really great.