Zoho CRM Free Version Full Introduction, New User And Setup Training Tutorial

This video is broken into 3 main subjects. Individual Lessons below.
Zoho CRM Free 2021 Introduction: 1:19
Zoho CRM New User Ace The Job Interview: 44:28
Zoho CRM Free Version Quick Setup: 1:18:06

Lesson Times
0:00 Introduction
Zoho CRM Intro
1:19 What Is Zoho CRM and FREE Pricing Explained
3:33 Zoho CRM 1st Walkaround Tabs Explained
10:11 Add 1st Lead - Leads Explained
17:58 Convert Lead To Contact, Account, Deal
20:29 Zoho CRM - Contacts Explained
23:41 Zoho CRM - Accounts Explained
25:48 Zoho CRM - Deal Explained
32:00 Productivity Ideas
32:58 Mobile App Introduction
35:41 Collaboration Examples
43:19 Introduction Conclusion Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM New User Ace The Job Interview
44:23 New User Introduction
45:18 New User 1st Walkthrough
51:27 Leads Explained New Zoho User
56:12 Convert Your leads To a Contact
59:29 Contacts and Accounts Explained
1:03:23 Deals Explained - Your Home In the CRM
1:09:15 Collaboration With Your Team Ideas
1:13:50 Mobile App - Take It With You
1:15:48 New User Conclusion Get Your Certificate
Quick Setup Guide Zoho CRM Free Version
1:18:00 Initial Signup for Zoho CRM
1:19:50 Quick Tour Options
1:21:29 Downgrade To The Free Version
1:22:32 Invite New Users
1:25:26 Confirm Invites
1:26:22 Edit Data Sharing Settings
1:28:29 Remove Sample Data
1:29:38 Setup Conclusion - More Free Training